This article is about in-game glitches. For the character, see Buggs.


Full Resolution Glitch

When you go in Full Resolution, when in Morning Time, you can see the Hall Monitor and The Janitor in the right hand side.

Paralyzing Nugget

When doing Nugget's quest, you have to give a poisoned nugget to Buggs. But in this video Buggs does his death animation, but then get's back up and just stands there not moving.

The Infinite Money Glitch

This glitch allows you to get an infinite amount of money.

1. Some to school with exactly $1.00 and the phone.

2. Buy the yo-yo off Monty use your actions until you have one and VERY IMPORTANT: talk to Nugget about Billy till you get sent to the principals office get the pills and leave.

3. Sell the pills and get Jerome to give you the hall pass and get the money out of the box in the janitors room then leave.

4. At lunch sell the hall pass to Monty and use the rest of your actions.

5. At playtime use all your actions.

6. This part is crucial show the phone for show and tell and during her second part of speech reset room and the room will go yellow and the principal will teleport in wit his desk and then spam space the room will go green the principal will shoot you press restart room and you will go back to the principals office in the morning and he will give you the pills again.

7. Rinse and repeat.

Notes: after step six some dialogue is ruined and next time you get to step six the weird things will happen differently but still work the same. to get out of the loop show an item that does NOT get you sent to the principals office.

Lunch Pass broken

If you do Jerome's mission until right before lunch BUT you had brought the 'Teacher's Lunch Pass' you can't use it.

I honestly thought you could get around getting the laser pointer from the bathroom.

this was found by "2cool4school35" Steam account

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