Jerome is the Principal's son and perceives himself as a "cool kid". He constantly acts condescending and arrogant towards the Protagonist when they try to interact with him unless they buy a Yo-Yo from Monty and give it to him during Morning Time. Jerome feels like he is superior to Ms. Applegate and the Janitor because the Principal is his dad and threatens to get them both fired.

In Kindergarten 2, Jerome returns, tearing up and upset about what happened to his dad, the principal from the first Kindergarten game. His father died in Lily's Mission in the first game, and because of that, Jerome believes that Lily was responsible for his father's death. However, Lily tells him about his father's true intentions, and the two make amends, as he gets over his father's death.


Jerome's Quest

Morning Time

  • Go to Jerome and show him the Yo-Yo so he will be your morning buddy.
  • Take the Hall Pass from him and start the distraction.
  • When you’ve left the classroom and have shown the Pass, go into the Janitor’s closet.
  • Inside, you will see a shelf with a box which has 'stolen stuff' written on it.
  • Go to the left side of the shelf, an exclamation mark will pop up, unscrew the screw and the shelf with the stolen stuff box will fall down.
  • Now grab the Laser Pointer out of the box and go straight to the exit.
  • You will get sent back to class and after a short conversation with Jerome lunchtime will start.

Lunch Time

  • After talking to Jerome quickly hide the Laser Pointer in the trash, so the Janitor doesn’t find it.
  • After the Janitor takes the trash to the bathroom, go talk to Jerome.
  • Jerome pays off the Lunch Lady if you agree, and you can go to the bathroom.
  • Here you need your Cigarettes so the Hall Monitor doesn’t send you to the Principal.
  • Get the Laser Pointer out of the bag next to the sink and go back to get sent out to recess.


  • Talk to Monty, and get the device from him to free Jerome from the Janitor.
  • Place it behind him, talk to Monty again and tell him that you placed the device. Then the Janitor will explode.

Show And Tell

  • Just don't show any items that either kill you or get you sent to the principal, and then Jerome will give you the Key Mold after Show And Tell.


  • Jerome is one of the few students who can read.
  • He constantly brags that he is the son of The Principal.

Kindergarten 2

  • Give Jerome a tissue. You can get a tissue from Cindy to start Jerome's mission.
  • Jerome is upset and knows Lily did all those things.
  • Jerome has a mother.

Morning time (Kindergarten 2)

" Go away kid. I don't want to talk about it. "

" *Sniff* Thanks man. I can't believe they made me come to school today. "

" I am not going to tell y-- You know what? What's the difference? Do you know why we're at this

school instead of our old one?

Option (Yes):

" You do?! How did you find out? I only know because I found the body... parts. "

Option (No)

" Something bad happened. They found my dad in some weird lab under his office. His head

was...missing. "

" So now you know what I have to do then, right? "

" I have a mom! Jeez. I have to take revenge on who did this to my family! "

" Lily obviously! She was obsessed with my dad! It had to be her. "

" That's what you think! I know she's here. I can feel it. Can you help me find her? Please, I need justice. "

" Thank you! Now we just need a lead of some sort. Talk to Nugget. He was close to Billy and has a crush on Lily. Maybe he knows. "

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