The Lunch Pass is a pass given by Ms. Applegate for completing her quest. The Lunch Pass appears to be a half-sheet of paper with a cheeseburger on it, symbolizing that it is a lunch pass. The Lunch Pass can be used to spend Lunchtime with Ms. Applegate. The Lunch Pass is required for Buggs's quest.


See Ms. Applegate for information on how to obtain.


  • The Faptain Calcon Monstermon Card can be earned by using the Lunch Pass and eating the McGlobs's Silly Meal, to which Ms. Applegate will inform you that silly meals have Monstermon Cards in them. This might be a reference to whenever McDonald's sells Pokemon toys, the toys also come with either 1 of 12 different cards.
  • You can sell the Lunch Pass giving you $3, but forcing you to lose it and do complete Ms. Applegate's quest again.
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