Monstermon Cards act as collectibles. In the first game, there are 25 cards in total for the player to collect. The player can collect all 25 cards from McGlob's Silly Meals, completing character tasks, and certain locations throughout the school. They can be used to unlock the secret ending off of Nugget's mission, also known as the Talisman Run, which is the final ending (kind of).

List of Cards

Starting from the first blue card, going clockwise, the list of cards are as follows.

Card Name Color Player Text Hint
Shroom Turtle
Shroom Turtle Blue This is a Shroom Turtle card. It's a guy who ate some shrooms and now he thinks he's a turtle. Buggs will give you Shroom Turtle if you give him either a flask or breathalyzer at recess.
Cactus Outlaw
Cactus Outlaw Blue This is the Cactus Outlaw card. No one knows which is more shocking; the crimes he's committed, or that he's a sentient cactus. Buggs will give you Cactus Outlaw if you give him cigarettes.
Freezy Guy Jim
Freezy Guy Jim Blue This is the Freezy Guy Jim card. He's probably the coolest guy named Jim you'll ever meet. Freezy Guy Jim is in one of the cubbies.
King Tower Beetle
King Tower Beetle Blue This is the King Tower Beetle card. He's just a regular beetle that lives in the King's tower. Nugget will give you King Tower Beetle if you give him a magnifying glass during morning time.
Martian Orb Man
Martian Orb Man Blue This is the Martian Orb Man card. He comes in peace but those orbs make a lot of people really uncomfortable. Martian Orbman is hidden in Buggs' secret stash. You can access it by stabbing Buggs and following him out to the hallway.
Really Bright Star
Really Bright Star Green This is the Really Bright Star card. It actually burned out decades ago. It's just really far away The teacher will give you Really Bright Star if you dump the blood on Cindy instead of Lily at recess.
Ohfaka Tornado
Oh faka Tornado Green This is the Ohfaka Tornado card. It has been said that people being sucked into it are compelled to say its name. Cindy will give you Ohfaka Tornado if you find out what happened to her dog instead of getting something gross from the closet.
Literally Grass
Literally Grass Green This is the Literally Grass card. It's literally grass. That's all. Literally Grass is hidden behind the playground.
Giraffe Serpent
Giraffe Serpent Green This is the Giraffe Serpent card. It's a snake with a really long neck...or body...we can't tell. Cindy will give you Giraffe Serpent if you give her a pill while playing house.
Doom Jelly
Doom Jelly Green This is the Doom Jelly card. Goes perfectly with doom peanut butter. Cindy will give you Doom Jelly if you put gum in Lily's hair and get back to her during lunch.
Blue Eyes Gold Dragon
Blue Eyes Gold Dragon Yellow This is the Blue Eyes Gold Dragon card. Please don't sue. You get Blue Eyes Gold Dragon after completing Lily's mission.
Faptain Calcon
Faptain Calcon Yellow This is the Faptain Calcon card. He'll show you his moves, but you probably don't want to see them. Faptain Calcon is in your silly meal from special lunch with the teacher.
Holy Knight
Holy Knight Yellow This is the Holy Knight card. He would have been a priest, but then he found out that aren't allowed to court women. You can buy Holy Knight from Monty during recess for $12.50
Magical Airship
Magical Airship Yellow This is the Magical Airship card. No one knows where it takes its passengers because none of them have ever returned. Magical Airship is inside the silly meal Monty sells at lunch. Show it at show and tell to get it.
Wall of Castle
Wall of Castle Yellow This is the Wall of Castle card. Too often walls get overshadowed by the castles they protect. Well not this time! Wall of Castle can be found in the trash can in the principal's office.
Uneaten Cake
Uneaten Cake Purple This is the Uneaten Cake card. Looks like your mom didn't show up at the party. The lunch lady will give you Uneaten Cake if she thinks you went through 3 helpings of slop.
Spiky Flim Flam
Spiky Flim Flam Purple This is the Spiky Flim Flam card. Its flim is far sharper than its flam. The principal will give you Spiky Flim Flam if you tell him you were fighting with Billy over Monstermon cards.
Man-With-Long-Arm Purple This is the Man-With-Long-Arm card. A freak accident gave his arm incredible length, but took it from...somewhere else. The janitor will give you Man With Long Arm if you show him Jerome's hall pass.
Eye of the Buttholder
Eye of the Buttholder Purple This is the Eye of the Buttholder card. The art for this card is just a zoomed in picture of the back of a cat. Eye of the Buttholder is in one of the boxes in the bathroom.
Evil Thwarter
Evil Thwarter Purple This is the Evil Thwarter card. It doesn't thwart evil. It's a thwarter that is evil. The janitor will give you Evil Thwarter if you get Cindy to eat one of his Biscuit Balls.
Cyclops Duckling
Cyclops Duckling Brown This is the Cyclops Duckling card. It's not a species or anything. It's just a duckling that had its left eye pecked out by a bigger duckling. Cyclops Duckling can only be found by solving Jerome's riddle at recess.
Oglebop Golem
Oglebop Golem Brown This is the Oglebop Golem card. No one knows what Oglebop really is, but everyone is too afraid to ask him. The Oglebop Golem is hidden underneath Nugget's lunch table.
Sneaky Snake
Sneaky Snake Brown This is the Sneaky Snake card. It is so sneaky, we're not even sure if this is a picture of it. Sneaky Snake is hidden in a box in the janitor's closet.
Tornado Fly
Tornado Fly Brown This is the Tornado Fly card. This fly can generate tornadoes by flapping its wings. They're not very big cause he's a bug. Unscrew the air vent in the hallway with the screwdriver to get Tornado Fly.
Wizard Worm
Wizard Worm Brown This is the Wizard Worm card. Not to be confused with Mage Maggot or Sorcerer Serpent. Wizard Worm is in the Nugget Cave next to the skulls.

Kindergarten 2

In Kindergarten 2, a new battle and collection system was added. Monstermon cards are no longer viewed as items but still maintain their "Talisman" reputation. A fast-paced card minigame was added to play during Recess and cards were given a place on your shelf to view and add to your deck. This page is still under "construction" and therefore not complete.

In Kindergarten 2, there is now a total of 50 Monstermon cards. Unlike the first game where a few Monstermon cards cost an apple, all Monstermon cards now do not need an apple to get them.

Image Icon Name Type Effects Obtaining
Celestial Slug
Celestial Slug Icon
Celestial Slug Magical Deal 2 Damage, Reduce a Red Monstermon's Damage by 3 During "The Hitman's Potty Guard" storyline in Kindergarten 2, go to gym instead of science. Help Carla snatch the ball from Jerome then return to Monty, who is laid helpless in the playground and talk to him. He'll give you this card.
Hard Boogar
Hard Boogar Icon
Hard Boogar Beast Deal 4 Damage, Reduce any Monstermon's damage by 1. The Hard Boogar Monstermon Card can be obtained During any storyline in Kindergarten 2 involving travel to the handicapped area, to go to the Handicap Area you need to either pay $3.00 to Monty to get you in or convince Nugget to get you in via search for a flower. Walk to the cornerstone of the wall and an Exclamation Mark will appear, select the "Take" option and you will obtain this card.


  • Note that in the main menu, the Complete Collection of Monstermon cards is face down, different than the displays of the cards individually.
  • When showing a Monstermon Card for Show and Tell, Ms. Applegate will reply: "A Monstermon Card? Oh come on. You have to be more creative than that. | We're gonna skip you. Who's next?". This implies that Monstermon cards have been brought for show and tell in the past.
  • Blue Eyes Gold Dragon is based off Yu-Gi-Oh!’s well known Blue-Eyes White Dragon. In the card description, it even says “please don’t sue." Billy mentions how the card is very rare and expensive, referencing the anime plot point of only 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons existing.
  • Faptain Calcon's description is called "This is the Faptain Calcon card. He'll show you his moves, but you probably don't want to see them." Which references Captain Falcon's iconic line from Super Smash Bros. "Show me your moves!". Faptain Calcon's info stating that you probably don't want to see his moves may indicate something his moves are something suggestive.
    • Faptain Calcon is a reference to Captain Falcon.
  • The name Monstermon references Pokemon, which is short for Pocket Monsters.
  • The ard icons are identical to the layout of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.
  • Ofaka Tornado is a play on "Oh f*** a tornado!"
  • Literally Grass is a joke card in which as the name implies, it is literally grass.
  • The Giraffe Serpent might be a reference to the Pokemon, Girafarig with how the design of the card looks, and how it has "Giraffe" in its name.
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