"Am I ready to start another day of Kindergarten?"
New Kid

Protagonist (True name: unknown) is the protagonist and playable characters of the Kindergarten Series.


He seems to be able to time warp back in time as upon completing a day or dying, he returns to Monday.

In the sequel of the first game, Kindergarten 2, the day changes from Monday to Tuesday, but still being in a time loop. In this game, you are able to customize him with several different outfits.


He wears a blue shirt striped with cyan or a lighter shade of blue. He has brown hair and unlike the other characters, he has a simple face with a blank expression. He also got a visual upgrade in Kindergarten 2, the most notable change being a lower face.


  • The Protagonist has the most deaths out of any character. His deaths usually consist of being shot, blown up, and stabbed or beaten to death.
  • He, along with Buggs are the only characters in the series that have beady eyes. The Protagonist however can be seen with eyes like the rest of the characters in one of his deaths.
  • Lily, The Lunch Lady, The Hall Monitor, and Billy are the only characters from the first game that do not hurt or kill you in any way, however the Hall Monitor can send you to the principal's office if you go in the bathroom without Cigarettes for him.
  • The Protagonist is self-aware and is smart at times such as how in Kindergarten 2, attempting to pressure them with putting Agnes's cat, Smoky in the microwave will cause them to disagree to it, and if you keep telling them to do it, he does it and leaves instantly after doing that, knowing how twisted it is to put a cat in a microwave knowing it will blow it up.
  • In his room in Kindergarten 2, he is shown to have a Poster of what looks like the box art of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
  • The Protagonist, like most of the other students, cannot read.
  • He usually never expresses himself, and the only times he ever does is when he gets killed and looks horrified, and when he gets grossed out by Bob and Ms. Applegate kissing (he does not change his expression however).
  • He doesn't seem to remember certain events from the first Kindergarten game in Kindergarten 2 as when he kills Ms. Applegate in the Creature Feature mission, he feels as if he has done it before, implying he does not remember killing Ms. Applegate in Buggs's mission.

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