The Lunch Lady is a minor character in Kindergarten and is only seen in the cafeteria during Lunch time serving slop. She has a hard time seeing since she had misplaced her glasses. She will not let the Protagonist leave the cafeteria unless they give her either Monty's glasses, a magnifying glass, or paying her $2.00, to which the Lunch Lady will let them leave the cafeteria. She appears to be somewhat clinically insane due to her facial expression, and constantly swings what looks like a spoon or a ladle around in her hand. She does seem to be the only faculty member to care about the students. As seen in Jerome's quest, when The Janitor complains about wanting to slaughter a student, she will react disappointingly and scold him. She has no idea what the secret ingredient is in Slop, as revealed if you ask her about it



  • She is one of the two characters in the game to never die in the first game, the other being The Hall Monitor.
    • She and The Hall Monitor seem to be the ones with the most redeemable qualities and are not even killed in the Talisman Run. However, with the Hall Monitor's death in Kindergarten 2, this makes the Lunch Lady the only character in the entire series to never die.
    • Not only does she never die in the game, but she is also one of the only characters that does not hurt or kill you in any way. She is also one of the few adults in the series that is kind towards the students.
    • She and The Principal are the only two characters who does not return in Kindergarten 2, although the latter is mentioned. It is unknown why the Lunch Lady is absent.

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