School Yard

  1. Talk to Nugget. Say: "I'll be your friend." > "I have a flower." > "Perhaps." > "Why?" > "How many are there?" > "Okay...I guess." > "Okay then." > "Okay.".
  2. Buy a Yo-Yo from Monty.
  3. Talk to Cindy and get the Chewed Gum, after that, talk to Lily and give her the gum, earning her trust. 

Morning Time

  1. Talk to Nugget and start the next Nugget of Friendship hunt.
  2. Give the Yo-Yo to Jerome.
  3. Take the Nugget of Friendship from Nugget's cubby hole while Jerome is distracting Ms. Applegate.
  4. Talk to Nugget. Say: "Yes." > "What's next?" > "Okay.".
  5. Give Nugget's Love Letter to Lily.
  6. Talk to Nugget and get the third Nugget of Friendship.


  1. Go to Lily to get the Donut.
  2. Talk to Nugget. Say: "Sure, I guess." > "What should happen?" > "What am I supposed to do about it?" > "What did you do to this nugget?" > "You want me to kill Buggs?" > "If you say so.".
  3. Talk to Buggs and tell him "Cause otherwise you'll look like a sissy". Tell him that either Cindy or Jerome thinks he's a sissy so that he will eat the poisoned nugget.
  4. Talk to Nugget. Say: "He ate it." > "How do I get the last one?" > "Okay. See you then.".


  1. Talk to Nugget to start the final Nugget Of Friendship hunt.
  2. Go to the Principal Statue and place the strange device.
  3. Go to Lily and talk about Billy until the device explodes. Ms. Applegate will then run to you.
  4. Bribe Ms. Applegate by giving her the Donut you obtained from Lily.
  5. Talk to Nugget. He will fill the Nugget Cave with nuggets, which will allow you to enter the Nugget Cave.
  6. Interact with the Prophecy engraved on the wood.
  7. Present the cards.

You will then leave the Nugget Cave with Nugget. You will find the Principal and The Janitor outside in addition to the other characters that are usually at Recess (except for Lily). Red Lightning will then strike everyone except for you and Nugget. Nugget will then announce that they will be going to Kindergarten 2 (a teaser for the second game).

Once the day has restarted, Tuesday can be seen instead of Monday, but then, underneath it is stated that it is Monday forever.

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